How to Enable or Install Windows Media Center in Windows 8?

As we all know Microsoft has released free Release Preview (RC build) of Windows 8 to public which can be downloaded using following link:

Windows 8 Release Preview (RC Build) Released, Download Now

Recently Microsoft told in an official blog post that Windows Media Center will not come preinstalled in Windows 8 and you'll need to purchase an add-on pack to be able to enjoy Media Center.

Now you'll notice that the recently released Release Preview build also doesn't come with Media Center but don't worry, Microsoft has posted a FAQ list which tells you how to enable or install Windows Media Center in Windows 8.


So following are the step-by-step instructions to add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Release Preview:

1. First move your mouse cursor to top-right corner to access new Charms bar. Now click on "Search" item present in Charms bar.

2. Now type Add features in search box and click on "Settings" link given in right-sidebar and you'll see "Add features to Windows 8" entry in search results.


3. Click on "Add features to Windows 8" entry and it'll ask for a product key, click on "I already have a product key" option.

PS: Alternatively, you can directly launch "Add features to Windows 8" window by running WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui command in RUN box. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN box and then type the command.

4. Now enter following product key:


5. Click on Next button and select the checkbox "I accept the license terms" and click on "Add features" button.

6. That's it. Windows 8 will start installing Windows Media Center in your system. It'll require a restart and you'll be able to enjoy Windows Media Center in Windows 8. A new tile of Windows Media Center will also be added to Start Screen.

NOTE: The same method will apply to Windows 8 RTM but the above mentioned product key will not work. You'll need to purchase a new product key using Windows Media Center add-on pack from Microsoft. You can get a free license key of Media Center Pack for Windows 8 using following link:

Get “Windows Media Center Pack” for Windows 8 Free

For more FAQs such as upgrading to Windows 8 Release Preview from Consumer Preview, Developer Preview, Windows XP, Vista or 7, visit following FAQ list:

Windows 8 FAQ

And don't forget to read our exclusive review of Windows 8:

[Windows 8 Review] What's New in Windows 8?


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  • I must say, the release preview exceeded my expectations. Whatever I hated in dev and consumer preview no long exists in release preview.

  • VG

    ^^ Cool.

    Yes. Method will be same but the key won't work. ;)

  • got to say.. it working nice. fast n fluid. now waiting Intel HD 3000 driver n Nvidia driver to release. Gonna try gaming in this new OS

  • Running it in VirtualBox.
    Not so diferent from previous release, still hating that welcome screen and the lack of native start button.

    At least now it is in my own language :-)

    The lack of Windows Media Center does not bother me even a little, I never used it. lol

    Thanks for the tip.

  • ^^ I see some positive reactions here.
    I don't want to rude but who uses media center? one of the first things I did with windows7 was erasing it.
    just like the comments say "does not bother me even a little, I never used it."

  • @sasja
    you maybe not, but some one else yes. thank you

  • just buy a pc with tv tuner and erase WMC and feel the sadness

  • Cannot find this in Russian version of Windows 7 Pro ?_? Neither "add features" nor "windowsanytimeupgradeui" work.

  • When I click on "Settings" I do not get 3 choices, only 1: "Turn on or off Windows Features". I am running Windows 8 Pro.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try the command mentioned in PS?

    PS: Alternatively, you can directly launch "Add features to Windows 8" window by running WindowsAnytimeUpgradeui command in RUN box. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN box and then type the command.

  • Doesn't work, neither command or search. Running windows 8 pro N x64.

  • The product key is not working....
    pls suggest any other product key

  • Do you have a key that will work with Windows 8.1? I'm trying to use the Media Center to play music through an Xbox, and since I can't use Media Center (And I will NOT purchase is for an extra blah blah blah), I'm trying to figure out how.

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