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I want to purchase Windows 8.1 OEM download version for the computer I just built and install it without using a CD/DVD. I know I can use a USB Flash drive but can't work out where I purchase the license and download the iso from??

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    Unfortunately, MS is a PITA and refuse to release 8/8.1 ISOs without a retail key.

    However, you can get the hashes out of MSDN, then use them to verify an ISO found elsewhere is unmodified:

    For the key a typical System Builder OEM disc pack from Newegg/Amazon etc. Any random website is almost certainly either a scam or piracy.
  2. sigh. thanks ok so say I have a copy of windows 8.1 on disc and an external dvd drive how do I then just purchase a product key? I want to get it up and running tonight so was hoping I dont have to wait for something to arrive in the post you see.
  3. You can buy a retail key from MS, but that costs $120 instead of the ~$90 for a System Builder OEM one.

    Run a mile from any site claiming to sell just the keys cheaper.
  4. Can I buy the System builder OEM one as a download version?
  5. No, because the idea of System Builder is that it's what small PC companies buy then put on computers which they sell. Has to have the COA etc.

    In theory you're not even supposed to use it on your own machines, though basically everyone ignores that.
  6. Right cheers I got it, I may just download the full version and install it as I need to get it going tonight. Can I use a 120GB USB HDD for the .iso file?
  7. save your self some grief, just get a legal copy on the disk and be dun with it
  8. Should be able to - haven't tried it, but no reason why it shouldn't work.
  9. be sure you read and fully understand ''all'' that Microsoft has on doing that --- but in the end I do feel you would be better off jumping in your car run to a store and just getting the disk [opinion]
  10. :) I don't drive! However I followed your advice and got next day delivery from scan so I'm happy enough!
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