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Windows 8.1 Keys for cheap/Legitimacy of key?


Windows 8.1 Keys for cheap/Legitimacy of key?

Hello everyone. So I have a custom computer which is a dual boot of OS X and Windows 8.1. I have used my Dad's key for Windows for a long time, but I am fed up with it throwing me off and crashing (something Windows 8.1 apparently does when you don't get a right key, if not someone please tell me so I can redirect my views to solve hardware problems.)

So I need a new key and I am not looking to pay the $100 or so for it. So I know Microsoft will license people to resell OEM's and I was wondering if this would be good for me because I just need a key?

I was looking at this: . However, my dad is not sure this is safe (I am borderline about it.) Do you guys think it would be worth it to try?

If not where can I get a cheap key?

tl;dr: Where can I get a cheap Windows 8.1 (not professional) key? Does Windows 8.1 crash and throw you off a lot if you don't have it verified with a unique key?

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They look like they have a decent return policy so it may be worth a try, and if you pay with paypal, you can file a dispute is worse comes to worst.

There are some alternatives such as or r/softwareswap, where you can get keys (not serial numbers but just keys) for about the same price. I got one on r/softwareswap and I haven't had an issue with it.

About the crashing, I can't say whether it's because of the key or not. Never heard that invalid keys cause that, so I'd make sure that that is the problem and not a hardware or unrelated software issue.

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r/softwareswap doesn't allow Windows products anymore, there was a pretty huge rash of people abusing a glitch with the student DreamSpark system to get unlimited software keys, last I checked Windows products are banned.

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