The Visitor #2 «Welcome To The Fairy Tale»

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The Zurich magazine for people who want to venture behind the obvious tourist hotspots.

English only.



The Visitor is Zurich’s magazine for guests, travelers and anyone wanting to discover the city anew. It features surprising stories and unexpected discoveries that allow you to experience this lively city for yourself. The magazine is divided into three chapters: Nature, Culture and Urban – the three pillars of Zurich’s charm.

The 2015 edition is inspired by the sparkling theme «Welcome To The Fairy Tale». Besides tips on restaurants, hotels and museums, it features stories about Zurich and its inhabitants, providing the readers with a broader picture of our “little big city”. Featured stories include:

– A visit to Disney Research Factory
– The hidden dragons at The National Museum
– The story of being a knight for a day
– The stunning landscapes that inspired «Heidi»
– Manga-inspired cake dreams
– The best Chocolate Hot Spots
– A Cinderella Story

The visitor was commissioned by Zurich Tourism and is available in english only.

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